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Alkalizing Morning Cocktail

Alkalizing Morning Cocktail - Drink this first thing upon waking to boost your metabolism, lower inflammation, and alkalize your body, ultimately fighting off disease! - lemon (squeezed), Apple Cider Vinegar, Cinnamon, Tumeric, honey, Cayenne,...
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The PCOS Pregnancy Diaries – Part 1

Welcome to the PCOS Pregnancy Diaries! For those who have never read one of my blog posts, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Taylor, and I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, former competitive body builder, Maltese owner, gluten free...
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Doing away with perfectionism

It has definitely been some time since I’ve blogged, and for that I apologize. I think a lot of me gets held back by the need to be perfect; to have the perfectly researched blog with the perfect topic, and the perfect grammar. To be totally honest, I had this blog...
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6 Healthier Decisions to Make Around the Holidays that Won’t Leave You Feeling Deprived

Raise your hand if you struggle to say “No” to the pumpkin pie! Seriously, raise your hand because simply the act of movement will bring your subconscious and your conscious together to fully grasp what you are doing the moment you think you are too full and then...
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Crush Your Candy Cravings

Halloween is over and I’m sure your house is still filled with candy! Personally, my sweet tooth starts to twitch at the start of Halloween and will rage until New Years. However, instead of derailing my diet, but more importantly my health, I have developed a few...
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Homemade Peanut Butter & Jelly Cups

Do you love peanut butter cups but don't love the guilt that comes with eating too many? Look no further than these homemade peanut butter and jelly cups, satisfying your cravings, while providing some healthy nutrients!Homemade Peanut Butter...
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5 Best Foods to Eat BEFORE a Workout

To be honest, the last thing I want to do when I wake up at 5 am is eat something, but halfway through my terrible gym session, I begin to realize that I really should have had something to eat before the workout began… Food before a workout is tricky. It depends on a...
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5 Reasons You Need to Exercise 30 Minutes A Day That Have Nothing To Do with Losing Weight

This week I participated in a challenge, mainly with myself, to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. As with most people, I found myself getting so caught up with life that I haven’t prioritized my health like I know I should. I would tell myself, “I worked out so much...
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Tumeric White Chicken Chili

Tumeric is one of the greatest herbs you can use for inflammation (one of the leading causes of disease). This Tumeric White Chicken Chili will satisfy your fall comfort food cravings without the added calories, fat, and dairy of other white chicken chilis. Add...
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Is whole wheat, low calorie bread healthy or a marketing ploy leading to NuTrition Confusion?

Whole wheat, low calorie bread is another food that marketers use to create NuTrition Confusion because they know that when you see a label with words like, “35 Calories per slice”, you really think it is a health and weight loss food. Now that it is back to school...
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“When I started working with Taylor, I needed a lifestyle change. I had some extra weight on me, but I was mostly concerned with my cholesterol and high blood pressure. She introduced me to USANA and a healthier way of living through education and support. After 4 months, I noticed a dramatic difference in my energy level, however most importantly my cholesterol lowered to 227 from 301 and my blood pressure is back to normal!”



“My experience in my 6 month program with you was very helpful and you are an amazing life coach because you refused to give up on my even when i constantly struggled to make the change. you search for different ways to help make the needed change if one doesn’t work till you find the one that does and it’s extremely helpful and assuring that someone is holding me accountable and believes that i could do it and constantly reminded me that i could. wouldn’t want anyone else to be my coach cause you’re amazing.”



“I participated in Taylor’s first 28-day program, and it was a huge eye opener! She made it easy to change the way I had been eating and was so supportive throughout program, and after! I lost 20 lbs in the 28 days and am so grateful for Taylor’s guidance!”



“I love that Taylor is not one of those hard-core health coaches that give you a long list of to-do’s and restrictions that drive you nuts. She understands that the change to a healthier lifestyle can have a lot of ups and downs, that people have lives and limited time to dedicate to cooking and working out, that we are all humans and love to indulge and have guilty pleasures and cutting those things out cold is not the way to go. So, she gives you a lot of great tips to make things work even in spite of all these challenges.”