Healthy Holidays

Do you want to share the gift of health this holiday season?

The holidays are about giving, and the greatest gift we have in this life is our health. So during this holiday season, why not give someone (or even yourself) a boost or new start for their health.


Why is health so important?

In today’s world we are living too short and dying too long. Our environment, food, and body are flooded with toxins from pollution to pesticides to stress. We are not living our lives to their full potential because we have low energy, poor immune systems, and overall just don’t feel good. How amazing would it be if you could wake up feeling energized, experiencing less pain, and know that your body is functioning optimally? Wouldn’t you want to give that as a gift instead of some sweater that will most likely be returned?! That is what this gift could do for someone, even you; it’s the gift that will keep on giving for the rest of your life.

Why these packages?

Because we are bombarded with stressors that are quickly breaking down our bodies, we cannot combat these enemies with food alone, this is where supplements come in. Supplements support a healthy (ish) diet and fitness program, but more importantly, they feed our bodies on a cellular level, providing micronutrition that food just cannot give us.

Why gift boxes from Usana?

Now that you understand why supplements are so important, let me tell you why I choose to partner with Usana for these health packages. The supplement industry is unregulated, which means that any company could bottle up garbage and sell it. Unlike most companies, Usana voluntarily adheres to pharmaceutical grade manufacturing practices, ensuring that what you are getting is as pure, potent, and effective as what you would get from your doctor (in fact doctors can actually prescribe Usana). Vitamins, protein powders, protein bars, and skin care all go into our genetic makeup to determine who we will become, so wouldn’t you want the best? (See below for some helpful and informative videos that will help you with your health journey!)

Every gift you purchase will…

  • Be beautifully gift wrapped
  • Include a meal guide, recipe book, and self-care guide
  • A $10 donation to the Children’s Hunger Fund to help support children in need of nourishment

Order by November 28th to ensure Christmas delivery

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Merry Fitmas

Do you know someone who wants to adopt healthier ways of eating but doesn’t know where to start? Or someone who is always on-the-go and has a difficult time preparing meals ahead of time or finding healthy options out? If so, this gift set is for them. The Merry Fitmas pack includes:

  • Clean, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Protein Powder
  • Clean Protein Bars
  • Shake Flavor enhancers
  • All-natural, clean energy drink
  • Pharmaceutical grade cellular nutrition

Only $197 *shipping/tax/gift wrap included

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Holiday DeBloat

Do you know someone who struggles with digestive pain like bloating, constipation, or gas (I know TMI)? Or someone who feels low on energy, experiences frequent colds or has excessive inflammation on their skin?  If so, this gift set is for them. The Holiday DeBloat pack includes:

  • Advanced fiber supplement
  • Convenient probiotics
  • Debloating digestive enzymes
  • Liver detox support
  • Pharmaceutical grade cellular nutition

Only $217 *shipping/tax/gift wrap included

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Red Nose Glow

Do you know someone loves skincare? Or even someone with frequent breakouts, and dull or rough skin? Our skin is our biggest organ, and we definitely don’t give it the pampering it deserves. So, if you know a person who needs a natural skin reboot, this gift set is for them. The Red Nose Glow pack includes:

  • Hydrating, paraben free face mask
  • Cleansing, natural exfoliator
  • Preservative free body moisturizer
  • Pharmaceutical grade cellular nutrition

Only $143 *shipping/tax/gift wrap included

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Goodbye Winter Blues

Do you know someone who gets a little blue during the winter? Or a person who may indulge in a few too many Christmas cookies? Sometimes all we need is a little extra Vitamin D, which if you live in a colder climate that isn’t possible. If you know someone who needs a little pep in their step, this gift set is for them. The Goodbye Winter Blues pack includes:

  • Pharmaceutical grade advanced cellular nutrition
  • Calcium support for bones
  • Vitamin D for improved mood
  • Omega 3 fats for cardiovascular health

Only $217 *shipping/tax/gift wrap included

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“I just have to say how happy i’ve been with this challenge so far!! Being on vacay i wasnt able to get a starting weight, but i weighed this morning and am down 4 lbs from where i was before the trip.. And i didn’t *really* take it easy that week haha. Anyway i don’t feel like i’m missing out at all, and i’m never hungry except first thing in the morning, so that makes getting started with a shake that much easier! I’m trying choc dipped strawberry as soon as i hit blend hahah!”


“Hi – just received my test results from a recent check-up. BP normal, cholesterol perfect, in fact my HDL was “amazing” according to my doc, and cholesterol/HDL ratio highly desirable at 2.7, better that just normal. Seriously – last year my blood pressure was high , cholesterol bad and weight not awesome. Thank you!!!”

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